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“now i am”

The simple things that we often take for granted can be impossible for Veterans with PTSD.

Visiting the grocery store. Going to the movies. Dining in a restaurant. Navigating public transportation. Even spending time with loved ones. With the support of a Northwest Battle Buddies service dog these Veterans can overcome the debilitating symptoms of PTSD and start living the life they deserve, with freedom and independence.

“It is our hope that the day before the Veteran meets their service dog is their last worst day…… The day they meet their service dog is their best first day.”

Shannon Walker, Founder & CEO

Join the FIGHT! and help us
reach our goal of $100,000+

  • RAISED TO DATE $32,661 OF $100,000 33% 33%

The cost: $25,000 per service dog.

Our service dogs are professionally trained for a minimum of 360 hours (6 months).

Since 2012, with your support, Northwest Battle Buddies has gifted 145 life changing service dogs to our veterans. 90% of every gift is used towards our mission.

Today! Help provide the life changing gift of a service dog to an American Hero.

“Now i am”

Watch this short video to see the lives that are changing.

Want to see more? See our Vision of Hope video series.

Many American Heroes return home to find their greatest battle still awaits. 22 Veterans a day commit suicide on American Soil. For a Veteran with PTSD the battle is never over. They come home and find everything has changed… because they have been changed.

Your donation makes it possible.

Be the difference in the life of an American Hero by supporting Northwest Battle Buddies with your life changing gift.