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service dogs-how it works

Our dogs faithfully and skillfully serve their Veterans by mitigating the symptoms of PTSD

These Battle Buddies provide constant support helping the Veteran to overcome the challenges presented by post-traumatic stress. These dogs become a lifeline to freedom and independence.

Our Service Dogs

Our service dogs are trained for a minimum of 360 hours and perform several unique tasks to help their Veteran mitigate and manage the debilitating symptoms of PTSD.

Most notably, our service dogs will:

  • Wake their Veteran from nightmares
  • Signal and interrupt anxiety attacks
  • Redirect flash backs
  • Alert on adrenaline
  • Act as a social barrier in public
  • Provide a constant feeling of safety
  • Perform pressure therapy


Veteran Impact

Many of our incoming Veterans are reliant on prescribed medications. After receiving a service dog – and at the direction and supervision of their healthcare provider – most of our Veterans report that they have reduced or eliminated their dependency or need for these prescribed medications. This alone often becomes our Veterans greatest triumph.

When a Veteran receives one of our service dogs there is an immediate and notable improvement in their life. The very nature of our training requires the Veteran to go out into the community and learn how to navigate life and engage the public. When our Veterans return to their communities, they become contributing members of society. With the help of their service dog, they learn to manage and overcome their social anxieties, to speak out and educate the public about service dogs and what it means to live with a disability.

Our Veterans become more engaged with their families. With the help of their service dog, they regain control of their lives. When our Veterans are engaged at home, the entire family unit thrives. In many ways, the true impact that a service dog has on the life of a Veteran and the on the Veteran’s family and community, is immeasurable.

To better understand the impact of service dogs, our organization was invited to participate in a two-year study lead by John’s Hopkins University researching the impact service dogs have on the lives of Veterans battling PTSD. Of the 100 Veterans involved in the study, 40 of them have service dogs provided by Northwest Battle Buddies. Study findings are anticipated in 2022.

“Service Dogs”

Watch this short video about how we train service dogs

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Many American Heroes return home to find their greatest battle still awaits. 22 Veterans a day commit suicide on American Soil. For a Veteran with PTSD the battle is never over. They come home and find everything has changed… because they have been changed.

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