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In memory of Jack R. Capeloto

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Life Changing moments come upon us, and from that moment on, we are inspired, changed and on a new path.  Northwest Battle Buddies has been inspired by the heroes that have fought for our country, our freedoms and our way of life. Their return to our way of life is rife with changes and requires understanding and support.
  Northwest Battle Buddies Teams are navigating life together!

12 Northwest Battle Buddies Teams in just 1 year  2012

Now it is 2015 and we have 22 teams Certified and living life together

22 Suicides a day by our returned combat Veterans is NOT Acceptable!
Northwest Battle Buddies is working toward change!



Billy Robinson  3 Tours in Viet Nam 

He was paired with Diego and had completed his training before his final tour of duty ended in the spring of 2013.  We lost a good friend and hero. He is remembered.

Army Lt. Art Nelson served 1962-1976 service dog Trigger

Vietnam Veteran


Triggers got my back, he’s got my six. He has helped the quality of my life, helping me sleep better, to be more trusting.  An example is Trigger can be playing with the other dogs when I might hear some kind of an un-identifiable noise. I might begin to start into a PTSD episode, get a hot flash, not be able to breathe, sweat, my heart rate jumps and before I can move to go check the perimeter, Trigger is crossways in my lap breathing in my face bringing me back to the now.


My wife tells me about how she sees Trigger always watching me, checking on me. I would say, Trigger is my guardian angel.  


Paul Ruggerio and Nanook

US Army Airborne, 4 years

Corporal .. Vietnam


The fact I live in the mountains helps tremendously in dealing with PTSD anxiety; however being in the public for more than two hours causes anxiety attacks. Nanook is so sensitive to what is happening she presses so hard against my leg as we are walking, she almost forces me to sidestep. All I have to do is begin to pet her, scratch her under her chin and I relax. When we are in a park or wide open space she is always facing backwards, as though she has my back. While in Vietnam, Paul earned both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

This is Robert McGann

My current rank is Staff Sergeant in the United States Army

Currently my job is an army recruiter

I served 4 tours in Iraq

The way that having my dog has changed my life is that she has brought a sense of peace and stability in my life. The companionship is unparalleled

Some of our Northwest Battle Buddies Teams! Watch for more stories to come!

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