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Help Save Lives and Donate Today! Thank You!

Please give us your unwanted textile Items for our textile drive

December 20,2014
Follow This  link for Drop Off locations

    Please watch to learn how Northwest Battle Buddies has been
     Changing lives One Northwest Battle Buddies team at a time!


           Christmas  GOAL

    Gift a Deserving Veteran with PTSD with a trained Northwest Battle Buddies dog for Christmas!

    Northwest Battle Buddies is asking for your
    cast off textiles!  

    GOAL MINIMUM 80,000 lbs = $16,000.00 
    Gift for Veteran for Christmas

    This a great time to clean out those unnecessary items from your closets and basements, shoes, clothing (any condition ripped, stained or threadbare) suitcases, backpacks, sleeping bags, blankets, towels, SHOES, almost all soft goods accepted.  Should you have any questions about what is accepted you will find the documents on this page and you can email us or call and we will give you all the information to share with your family and friends.

    If everyone just gave us one or two 10 lb bags of textiles it will make us reach our goal of gifting a
    Northwest Battle Buddies service dog to a Deserving Combat Veteran with PTSD. 
                                                    Here is how it works! Bag it and Drop It!

    13 gallon White Kitchen Bags will hold 10 lbs and are easy to handle and stack.

                             80,000 pounds will pay out $16,000 dollars = ONE DOG

    Tell your friends, family and co-workers
    to fill up as many tall white kitchen bags as they like and drop them off  at one of the many drop off locations by the 18th of December.  Then Northwest Battle Buddies volunteers will pick them up and take them to the "Stuff the Semi" event at Westfield Mall for weigh in on the 20th.  Please call us if you need us to come and pick them up!

    Clothes for a Cause will be at the Westfield Mall December 20th, from 9AM-4PM to accept our already collected textiles and will pay Northwest Battle Buddies by the POUND!

    We will pick up your donations or you can drop them off

    Please call for more information:

    Call the Northwest Battle Buddies Office at 360-601-9744
    or email

    Contact Grace  503-381-3884
    or email her at

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