Northwest Battle Buddies gifts professionally trained service dogs to Veterans battling PTSD, helping them regain their freedom and independence.

22 Veterans a day, over 8000 a year, commit suicide on American Soil.

Many American Heroes return home to find their greatest battle still awaits. For a Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the battle is never over. They come home and find everything has changed… because they have been changed.

Thanks to generous donations, our heroes can live life again.

foster a NWBB puppy

Watch our 5-part video series

Learn how Northwest Battle Buddies works to change lives in our 5-part video-series, A Vision of Hope


300,000 Veterans are currently battling PSTD.


22 Veterans die each day in the USA from suicide.


NWBB has paired over 170 Veterans & Dogs (Teams).


NWBB has rescued over 65 Shelter Dogs.

From rescue dog to Northwest Battle Buddy

Northwest Battle Buddies service dogs share a lifetime of mutual care, devotion, and healing with their American Hero.

Veterans and dogs, both in need — but no longer alone. Through the power of the team, two lives can be changed.

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