Stronger Together

Northwest Battle Buddies provides service dogs to combat Veterans with PTSD, free of charge.
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These brave men and women sacrificed for our freedom. With the loyal partnership of a professionally trained service dog, our veterans can reclaim their freedom and independence.

Resilience through partnership

Service Dogs for Combat Veterans with PTSD

Many American Heroes return home to find the battle is not over. Every day in the United States 22 Veterans a day die from suicide due in part to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD.

There is no cure for PTSD; however, there is hope. A professionally trained service dog can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and help restore freedom and an independence to our American Heroes.



300,000 Veterans are currently battling PSTD.


22 Veterans die each day in the USA from suicide.


NWBB has paired 101+ Veterans & Dogs (Teams).


NWBB has rescued 48 Shelter Dogs.

From rescue dog to Northwest Battle Buddy

 Northwest Battle Buddies service dogs share a lifetime of mutual care, devotion, and healing with their American Hero. 

Veterans and dogs, both in need — but no longer alone. Through the power of the team, two lives can be saved.