First, I would like to thank you for your selfless dedication and service for our nation. It is for this reason that Northwest Battle Buddies was conceived and founded.

Before completing our application, please note, we have four eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a Veteran who has deployed
  • Must have a doctor’s diagnosis of PTSD with required documentation
  • Must have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces (active duty also eligible)
  • Cannot have another untrained dog in the home.
    • Requirements for maintaining a personal dog in the home with one of our service dogs:
      • Must have approval of breed and temperament from our Master trainer
      • Must have more than one person living in the home to handle the personal dog
      • Must have personal dog professionally obedience trained, prior to receiving one of our service dogs.
      • Must have the personal dog trained at Man’s Best Friend at a cost of approximately $2,800
      • If you have a pet in the home please contact our Veteran Liaison

If you meet our requirements, please complete the online application and only, upload your DD214 (Member 4 copy).

Once we receive your application and DD214, our Veterans Liaison will contact you via phone within 48 hours.

We look forward to serving you.

Shannon R. Walker
Founder and CEO, Northwest Battle Buddies

Step 1:

Program overview & Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2:

complete application and
upload DD214

Required Documents:

  • Photo/Visual/Video Release Form (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • VA Release of Information Form (ROI) (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • No Dogs in the home policy (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • Personal Statement (Tell us how you feel a Service Dog would benefit you)?

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (From Friends or Family. How do they know you? How do they feel a service dog would benefit you)?

  • Doctor/Therapist Note (Must be on official letterhead with PTSD diagnosis and recommendation for a Service Dog)

  • Proof of Stable Income (VA awards letter or a pay stub)

  • Proof of Stable Housing (Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement or Mortgage Statement)

  • Detailed pictures of the inside and outside of your home. (Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, yard and gates)

  • Current Photo ID

At any point, we reserve the right to refuse any applicant, up to and including until they receive their service dog.