Before completing our application, please note, we have four eligibility requirements:


  • Must be a Veteran who has deployed
  • Must have a doctor’s diagnosis of PTSD with required documentation
  • Must have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces (active duty also eligible)
  • Cannot have another untrained dog in the home.
      • Requirements for maintaining a personal dog in the home with one of our service dogs:
        • Must have approval of breed and temperament from our Master trainer
        • Must have more than one person living in the home to handle the personal dog
        • Must have personal dog professionally obedience trained, prior to receiving one of our service dogs.
        • If you have a pet in the home please contact our Veteran Liaison at 360-558-2049

Step 1:

Program overview & Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our program overview & frequently
asked questions. 

Step 2:

complete application and
upload DD214

Once we receive your application and DD214, our Veterans Liaison will contact you via phone within 48 hours. 

Required Documents:

  • Photo/Visual/Video Release Form (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • VA Release of Information Form (ROI) (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • No Dogs in the home policy (Will be provided by the Veterans Liaison)

  • Personal Statement (Tell us how you feel a Service Dog would benefit you)?

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (From Friends or Family. How do they know you? How do they feel a service dog would benefit you)?

  • Doctor/Therapist Note (Must be on official letterhead with PTSD diagnosis and recommendation for a Service Dog)

  • Proof of Stable Income (VA awards letter or a pay stub)

  • Proof of Stable Housing (Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement or Mortgage Statement)

  • Detailed pictures of the inside and outside of your home. (Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, yard and gates)

  • Current Photo ID

At any point, we reserve the right to refuse any applicant, up to and including until they receive their service dog.